• Michelle S.

    A Newborn Studio Session

    Kathryn Lee was so easy to work with and made us feel comfortable during our session! We knew she would capture my baby’s first days in the style I wanted. We love the mini albums!


  • Elizabeth K.

    A Mini Session

    I felt very accepted as a mom and I felt that Kathryn was able to put all of us at ease during the session which made our photos beautiful. Not everyone is accepting of/comfortable with large families or friendly to little kids even if they are a talented photographer. However, Kathryn’s cheerfulness and grace made the photos we love possible – and I was very skeptical going into the session that anything would turn out well. :)

    I had seen so many beautiful photos taken by Kathryn but didn’t think ours would turn out well. My kids are very shy and I haven’t felt the most polished during my pregnancy.

    I was completely relieved to have the opposite experience.

    My kids clicked with Kathryn after just a couple of minutes and she helped me stay calm too. I absolutely love how much laughter and joy Kathryn was able to capture in the photos – it’s what I want to remember about this time when I look back on photos of me pregnant and my two toddlers. Honestly, the photos have helped me stay positive and encouraged in the weeks since our session and I know my fondness for them will only grow over time!

    Thank you Kathryn!!

  • Amy B.

    A Newborn and A Family Session

    Kathryn is the total package. She’s a talented photographer and magical child/baby-whisperer. She has captured priceless memories for us, from the birth of our youngest to family photos (candid and posed) for holiday cards.

    She offers collections that include both digitals and artwork. We LOVE the Photo Blocks.