20 Tips to Make Your 4th of July A BLAST!

28 June 2017

Awwwwe – sunshine, bare feet, corn on the cob, and watermelon...

It is finally the 4th of July.

We just touched down in Colorado to spend our holiday with family – and we’ll be headed to Washington state in a few days as well. I think what I love most about this holiday is how you can make it as little or as big as you’d like – with zero pressure as a mom (read: no presents, no mandatory baking, no visiting people in costumes ;)). The first 4th after Emily was born we met up with friends for a bit during the day and then headed home. No fireworks for us, and that was perfect. Slowly, we’ve begun to brave the later night, the fireworks, and everything else. Regardless of how you decide to spend the time off, I hope it is filled with good friends, food, and a lot of fun.

Here are 20 tips for making the most out of your 4th of July from our blog contributor, Rebecca!

  1. Make a list of all the things you want – guests, food, drinks, games, decorations, music…
  2. Decide on a budget for your event and enlist help from your guests – most of the time family or friends are happy to bring along a dish to share!

*Expert tip: Start purchasing things a few weeks in advance to make it easier on your wallet!

  1. Know where to go for your local fireworks if you can’t see them from your own home. Create a plan ahead of time with ideas of where to park.

*Expert tip: Have an exit plan! Traffic post fireworks is ... the... worst. Bonus points if you can find parking with an easy exit strategy.

  1. Have a back-up plan if it rains!!
  2. Create a cute invite- there are a ton of free platforms to use and all you need are email addresses!
  3. Brainstorm things that are red, white, or blue: flowers, candies, clothing, paint, tableware, jello…
  4. Look in your weekly paper and mailers for any sales that are going on.
  5. Check out Pinterest for cute holiday kid crafts!
  6. Check places like the Dollar Store and Party Stores for cheap decorations.

*Expert tip: Buy a large plastic storage bin to keep all your decorations for next year!

  1. Think of games that are fun for all ages and maybe include a fun game for the adults, too.
  2. Remember to make a plan for any pets you own and remind guests to keep their pets safe also.
  3. Consider any guests with food allergies or preferences and make sure there is something for everyone.
  4. Make sure to have sunscreen, bug repellant, a fire extinguisher, and a bucket of water.
  5. If you are planning on partying in the street, place signs so oncoming cars know to watch out.
  6. Create a “clean-up” crew that will help break things down and clean up firework debris.
  7. Make sure to have trash cans and coolers available.
  8. Designate a place for alcohol that is away from children’s reach.
  9. Use sidewalk chalk to draw out a “safe zone” so that children do not wander near the fireworks.
  10. Get the decorating out of the way early and then add the finishing touches, food, and drink.

*Expert tip: Decorate the night before so you can spend the day of doing prep and cooking! Bonus points for food that can be prepped the day before.

  1. If you want lighting when it gets dark, make sure to have power cords, candles, string lights or even glow sticks.
  2. Don’t stress out! Planning can be exhausting but you should focus on the fun and the time with friends.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday!


The KLP Team