The best (and easiest) frozen meals for expecting mamas!

6 August 2018

Last week we asked, and you answered...

What are the best (easy) meals to prep for expecting mamas?

Here are a few of the favorite (easy-to-freeze) meals that you recommended with links to a recipe option!

The baby prep is in full force over here (under 3 weeks to go!). We have the nursery just about set, the newborn photos prepped and our hospital bags packed (I may have even had a “dress-rehearsal” at the hospital already... ;) ). We’ve been able to freeze a few meals ahead of time over here, but sometimes cooking seems like too much work right now... Thankfully, a few of you recommended some great spots to get pre-made meals that can also be frozen – a little healthier option to take-out or food already found in the frozen section.

Your favorite spots to find pre-made meals to freeze are:

  • Costco
  • Trader-Joes
  • Whole Foods
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