8 Simple Ways to Eat Better

17 July 2017

We all struggle to find ways to make meal time easier and to be healthy. Here are 8 easy tips to help you make better choices and get results.

  1. Stop eating mindlessly. Have a big bag of pretzels? Potato chips? Put some in a bowl or on a napkin and do not eat out of the bag. Instead of putting bowls of food on the table for all to share, try plating your meals before serving so you are not tempted to take more than you intended.
  2. When eating out, ask for a to-go box with your meal. Restaurants are notorious for serving large portions so package half of it up immediately to eat the next day and so you are eating the right amount per meal.
  3. Ask for your food EXACTLY how you want it. Restaurants have grown accustomed to dealing with requests for gluten free, vegan, and other dietary preferences. If you want your vegetables steamed with no seasoning, ask for it. If you want your Chicken Piccata with the sauce on the side, tell them to make it happen.
  4. Go easy on the booze. If you’re out, see if someone wants to split a drink with you. Or, choose a mixed drink with diet soda. If you’re at home, use a smaller glass. You are less likely to fill it up that way!
  5. Make small versions of your favorite dishes. Muffin tins can be great for making personal size servings of your favorites and small ramekins work great, too.
  6. Become a label reader. Did you know one serving of Goldfish is 55 pieces opposed to potato chips which are about 15-20? Did you know that most cans of tuna fish have SOY in them? How about sugar in table salt? Familiarize yourself with terms like Lecithin and Dextrose. You will have total control over what you put in your body when you are educated.
  7. Measure your food. You do not need to carry around a measuring cup and spoons but spend about a week measuring out what you’re eating to visually see what a cup of almonds looks like and what a tablespoon of butter looks like. Once you get the feel for sizes of servings, you will be able to eyeball your food measurements.
  8. Use small, decorative plates. Studies have shown that using salad plates instead of larger dinner plates helps control portion sizes. It has also shown that if you use a plate with a pattern instead of a solid color plate, you are likely to eat less.

These simple tricks can change your health and your waistline! Bon Appetit!