Spring Maternity Session

1 May 2017

Oh boy – I have so many sessions that I am thrilled to share with you on our new blog... and this is a perfect one to kick them off!

Sneak Peek: Waiting for Baby Stein

 Cherry Blossom sessions are always a *bit* tricky. This year, the weather was so up and down that I was nervous we wouldn’t even get an opportunity to shoot near the Tidal Basin. Thankfully, we had *one* weekend day and just a few weekdays with gorgeous weather while the trees were in full bloom.

Jill and her husband are expecting their first, a little girl. A shoot under the blossoms was a perfect fit. Isn’t mama glowing?? (cliche – but so true!)

Each year, I’ll only take a very limited number of sessions for the Tidal Basin. That way, no client is nervous about whether or not their date will land in sync with full bloom. We’ll nail down the exact day and time of the shoot once we know the tentative dates for the blossoms and work from there.

In Virginia, we really have so many different blossoms throughout the spring that you’re able to get the “spring” look whether or not you grab one of the Premiere Cherry Blossom shoots.

.... Although, nothing beats the magic of the Tidal Basin and over 3,700 trees blooming at once ....