A sunrise or sunset session – Are you kidding me?

31 August 2017

What’s the deal with early morning or late evening sessions?

Those are the worst times for my kids!

True. I’m not a morning person and my kids are at their worst in the evening – but nevertheless we photographers still insist on sessions *not* in the middle of the day. So what’s the deal? Most people now know it has to do light. Direct sunlight in the middle of the day casts the harshest and strongest shadows. In order to get that golden glow, I tend to schedule sessions so majority of our shooting will be within one hour of sunset or sunrise.
Even though your session may coincide with that dreaded “witching hour,” I’ve literally never had a child not rise to the occasion. We don’t spend a ton of time frozen in posed positions. I may pose you, but the real moments happen after you’ve relaxed. We’ll explore. We’ll play. We’ll walk and talk. We’ll let kids be kids – while still insuring that we capture both formal and candid photos.
My best advice that I’d give anyone walking into a family photo session would be to just be yourselves – tickle, if your family loves to tickle – play games, your family loves to play – and above all, if you feel like your kids are being naughty or not really listening... smile through it. ;)
There’s nothing worse than when I look back at my own family photos and all I’m doing is correcting my little hooligans in every photo...
I promise we’ll capture memories you’ll love forever.