The Best Toys for Your Baby

19 June 2017

Hey there, new mamas! Here’s our list of ten “can’t – beat” toys for baby.

(That’s all the introduction you’re going to get because I’m currently being hit with a bottle of milk by a baby with a poopy diaper. #momlife)

  1. Activity Mat: When your baby is not able to sit up on their own or even after they can, a mat with dangling toys that are interchangeable will be your go-to activity. They are usually washable and some even have music built in.
  2. Suction Toys: There are many toys available that have suction cups on the bottom of them that make them perfect for sticking on to the tray of your high chair. These will keep baby occupied when they are done eating or even for some time practicing sitting up.
  3. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker: This is a gem. It has interactive pieces, music, a removable play board, and assists with balance and helping baby learn to take steps. A must-have.
  4. Baby Walker: Your doctor will probably tell you to steer clear of these but if you get one that has rubber stoppers along the base and keep it in a safe area with no stairs while you have your eye on your child at all times, they can be a wonderful way to teach your child balance, motor skills, and foot coordination.
  5. Oball or Winkel: These toys are great for 2-handed play, chewing on, or throwing. Easy to clean and is a good toy for babies to toddlers.
  6. Vulli or Infantino Teethers: These are made out of durable rubber, BPA free, and super durable and easy to clean. They are a little pricey but are durable and will last for a long time.
  7. Tummy Time Fitness Roll: If your child dislikes being on their stomachs or would benefit from something different, check out this option for a colorful way to encourage movement and build core and neck strength.
  8. My Busy Town Activity Cube: This is a larger toy but has so many elements on it that it can keep your little one busy for hours and will keep them interested for years.
  9. Any Toys with Mirrors: Babys of all ages love looking at themselves. Adding a mirror to your car, activity mat, or other toy can add a new element of fun and will help your baby recognize themselves.
  10. Water Bottles: Perhaps the best and cheapest toy out there, when all else fails, a water bottle with the wrapping and lid removed can hush your fussy little one when all other toys have lost their luster. Try removing the batteries from a remote, also!