Fall Arts and Crafts

14 November 2017

This is such great time of year and always fun to put out your harvest and autumn decorations. Here are some easy fun arts and crafts ideas to do with your kids to get ready for all things pumpkins, leaf, and apples that won’t break your pocketbook.


Leaf Rubbings!

Now that the leaves are starting to fall, go outside and pick a few that aren’t quite dead yet. Be sure to collect a few different types. Place them under pieces of paper and using red, yellow, green, and brown crayons, rub gently over them until the image of the leaf appears! Cut them out and glue a small piece of magnet on the back and use these to decorate your refrigerator!

Hand Print Turkeys!

This is a great project to do with very little children. Make sure to use washable paint! Pour a bit of paint on a paper plate and using a paintbrush, brush paint on the palm of your child’s hand and help them place it on a piece of construction paper. You can use any colors you’d like for your turkey and then when it dries, you can draw or glue on eyes, beak, and wattles!

Finger Paint Trees!

On a piece of paper, draw the trunk of a tree and a few branches with crayon or marker. Pour some autumn colored paints on to a plate and let your children dip their fingers in and then dot them all over the trees branches to create a multi-colored fall tree! You could also cut a few apples in half and let your kids dip the cut side in the paint and put “apples” on their tree branches!

Paper Bag Owls!

Cut out and make eyes out of white and black construction paper. Cut out little beaks from orange construction paper. Let your children color the lunch bag however they’d like adding feathers and other details to the owls “body”. Then stand the paper lunch bag up as if you’re going to fill it and fold the top over once and glue shut. Glue orange beak at the seam. Glue eyes in the middle on the top of the bag.

Paper Plate Scarecrows!

Using a white paper plate, let your child design their scarecrows face. You can choose to make items like eyes or a mouth by cutting out colored construction paper if your child is older. Cut out a hat for your scarecrow using whatever color construction paper you wish. Before gluing it on your scarecrows head, use strands of colored yarn to glue on the top of the face to hang down as “hair” after your hat is put on. Use yarn to create a bow for the bottom of the plate at your scarecrows “neck”.

Hand Print Wreath!

This can be done by dipping your child’s hand in multi-colored paint, imprinting on paper, and then cutting the prints out, or by tracing their hands on different colored paper and then cutting them out. You will need at least 10 handprints to make a decent sized “Wreath”. Glue the prints together in a circle and hang somewhere for the family to enjoy!