Keeping the Kids Busy with Outdoor Adventures

13 September 2017

One of my favorite ways to kick the afternoon post-nap blues is to pop the girls in the stroller and head out for an adventure in the park. We’ve been blessed to live close to a great park in our current house with plenty of little corners to explore.

Favorite park adventures?

  • Feed the ducks (eek, when it’s allowed...)
  • Give the kiddos a bag and collect “treasures” along your walk
  • Practice gross motor skills – hop on one foot, skip, etc.
  • Bring along the bikes (better yet, meet friends and share some outdoor toys)
  • Chalk
  • Head into a baseball field that’s fenced in... let the little ones run around while you walk or run the perimeter
  • Let the girls walk the dog
  • Find a hill to roll down
  • Collect leaves for an art project later
  • Playground fun

What great ways do you keep your little ones busy during that in-between-no-longer-nap-not-yet-dinner time?