What to Buy at the End of Summer

12 September 2017

End of summer sales are great for stocking up all on the things you need for the upcoming year and for making big ticket purchases for cheap...

Here is a list of the top 10 things to keep your eyes out for at the stores this month.

1.) Patio Furniture. Chairs, umbrellas, outdoor rugs, candles, pillows, you name it! It all goes on sale to make room for the holiday inventory.

2.) Grills. No matter if you are a charcoal or gas lover, if your grill has seen better days, this is the time to buy a new one!

3.) School Supplies. Even if you don’t have kids or kids that are in school, it is hard to resist the deals on pens, notebooks, binders, and even tablets and computers. These can be great items to donate to a school or community center if you are looking for a way to give back.

4.) Shrubs, Perennials, and Trees. Fall is a great time for planting because the soil is still warm and the rain during this season helps roots get established. Your local nursery and garden center will be trying to sell their remaining inventory before the weather turns and before they put out their holiday items and trees so take advantage of these super low prices!

5.) Clothing. You know how old your kids will be next year so buy their summer clothes now! Stores are already putting out the long sleeve shirts and boots so you can score some great deals on bathing suits, sandals, and shorts and be ready for fun in the sun next summer! (The same goes for winter- when spring rolls around, buy all that winter sale merchandise!)

6.) Appliances. Labor Day weekend is always great for getting big ticket items on sale. But did you know that this time of year is when manufacturers come out with new models? Your local retailers will be discounting the old ones to make room for their new inventory which means savings for you! Now go buy that double oven you’ve always wanted!

7.) Camping Gear. Even if you are not super in to camping, you can find cool things like flashlights and lanterns, bug spray, and coolers.

8.) Linens, Storage Containers, and other Household Items. This time of year is when kids start college as well! All the things they need for dorm life are on sale at this time. Stock up on some new sheets or pillows, hangers, organizers, boxes and baskets, and other basic things like towels.

9.) Deals on Travel. If your children are young, the end of the summer when all the older kids go back to school is the best time to take your trip. Deals on flights, hotels, and even gas prices are known to drop significantly.

10.) Toys. If you need some new age-appropriate toys or want to replace some that have run their course, now is a great time as retailers are looking to make room for the holiday inventory. This is especially a great time to buy summer items like sand toys, pools, balls, squirt guns, floaties, and more!