5 Tips for Selecting Outfits for Your Session

5 April 2017

When I was putting together my business plan, I knew that I wanted to find some specific ways to set my studio apart. One way that I aim to provide a higher level of service for my clients is through really planning and styling each aspect of our photo session.


Here is some no-fail tips that I always recommend:

  1. Wardrobe planning doesn’t have to be overly complicated.  Everyone doesn’t have to “match”, coordinating colors and styles is more appealing and realistic than everyone wearing the same thing.  
  2. Choose your outfit first and coordinate everyone around you!  After all, who’s more important than Super Mom!
  3. Keep everyone’s personality in mind – you want your portraits to reflect the true personality of your family.  If little Billy is obsessed with cowboy boots this year, make it work!  You’ll get better smiles and turn your session into a party when everyone is comfortable.
  4. Choose a color palette and work from there – not everyone has to be in the same color, there are so many beautiful combinations the possibilities are endless.
  5. Keep accessories to a minimum – but be sure to include some!  Not everyone has to be accessorized to the max.  One or two extra pieces will add interest to your portraits without overshadowing the people who should be the stars. *Necklaces and scarves are my favorite, because they draw attention to your face!*
  6. Keep the décor of your home in mind!  After all, you’ll be hanging these gorgeous portraits on your walls – adding some colors that will coordinate with your home’s décor will really make your family gallery shine.