Take Better Photos of Your Kids

1 April 2017

In between your scheduled professional photoshoots, there are hundreds of moments you will want to capture and remember. Sometimes the moment happens so quickly we don’t have time to set up a fancy lighting system or hang a backdrop – and often it’s these moments that are the most precious.


Here are four simple tips, to help really make those little in between memories really shine.

  1. Light – be aware of what light sources you have and try to throw open the curtains or pull up the blinds to let more light in for your photos. Light is the single most important element to creating a sharp, moving image. If you even have a few extra seconds grab a piece of white paper or white poster board and use that to reflect more light onto your subject. If your toddler has his back to the winder and is fiercely engaged in that book and you want to capture that sweet quiet moment, using that white card can bounce just enough light onto his face to let you capture a sharp image. If he will let you turn him around to face the window – even better; but it’s risky!
  2. Declutter – a cluttered background takes away from the subject, if you can make quick work of just sweeping everything to the side out of the cameras view, you image will be more powerful and create a more stunning image.
  3.  Background – pops of color in the background of your image are not only fun, but add drama and interest to your pictures. Find a stunning red wall on your vacation? Make sure to jump in front of that for a quick family picture. Did you find the cutest ice cream shop while running errands with your little girl? A sweet sticky smile with those bright colors behind her will be a great memory.
  4.  Make it into something special! Don’t let those magic moments sit around on your camera, or computer, or your phone. Print them or use on of the million photobook services out there to create something special. You will love grabbing that photo album or little memory book off the shelf and remembering all the fun little moments.